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ethio finance™
Addis Ababa, AA, Ethiopia

Company Description:


We are modern Accounting firm. We manage everything through Cloud.

In our company, we do facilitate all the offerings of professional accounting and record keeping services; which is basically acceptable by the law of the nation. In doing so, we also intimately work with the client in solving and administrating the following duties.

  • Fixed Asset Registration 
  • Bank Reconcilation
  • Pre-Auditing Review and Report
​Cloud Accounting 
  • Generating Governmental Reports : In this case you don't need to fill in any governmental form, you can have it by accessing the cloud.
  • Generating Payment Vouchers:  You don't need to have any Payment voucher as a pre-printed document. We have it in the cloud for you.
  • Payroll Management : You can have your payroll data in this cloud whenever you need it you can generate it.  
  • Calculating Tax : As it is demanded by the Government we calculate all governmental taxes for you.
  • Emailing or Reporting: Yes, we do email you every month and keep reporting all your financial statements through your ordinary email.
  • And More: we strongly recommend to visit our website before any decision.

For detail listing, we perform the following main tasks under the above listed.

Generating Governmental Reports

  • VAT or TOT declaration
  • Summary of VAT
  • Any withholding payable
  • Pension declaration
  • Income Tax Declaration

Generating Payment Vouchers (PV)

  • Accessing PV
  • Editing, Deleting and Adding PVs

Payroll Management

  • Managing new employees
  • Managing existing employees
  • Managing taxable allowances
  • Managing non taxable allowances
  • Managing contract employees
  • Managing permanent employees


  • Any Cash and Credit Payment
  • Any Cash and Credit Sales
  • Any Cash receipts
  • Add, Edit and Delete Employee`s Salary

Calculating Tax

  • Calculating withholding tax
  • Calculating Payroll Tax
  • Calculating Profit Tax
  • Calculating Direct and Indirect Taxes


  • Governmental Reports
  • Financial Reports for a Management Purpose only


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