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Gamification Designer


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Qene Technologies


Addis Ababa, AA, Ethiopia 


Information Technology, Other

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Full time

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Please do not accept payment requests at any of the recruitment phases!

Job Description:

Gamification Designer

Gamification is the process of adding game logic in order to achieve better outcomes. We are looking for creative and  intelligent gamification designer who is willing to work across a variety of disciplines to accomplish our goals,with a passion for learning and improvement in the areas of instructional design and gamified learning, and all related fields with the ability to analyze a business situation and the learning context, and recommend appropriate gamified learning solutions to address them. Who has the skills to design and develop effective gamified learning programs to meet business objectives


  • Flex your creative juices to design unique, never before done projects

  • Focus rabidly on creating the best user experiences

  • Work with clients and developers to determine project requirements and implementation

  • Establish and manage budgets and timelines for short-and long-term projects

  • Write system specifications, architectures, and game design documents

  • Communicate and create wireframes / UX observations for visual designers

  • Ideate, scope, and pitch  for a wide range of clients

  • Help design games/gamification that changes human behavior

  • Consult on existing products to implement and improve gamification and behavior design efforts

  • Write user stories for developers and drive development from kickoff through deployment

  • Continually communicate with clients re-project status and updates

Job Requirements:

  • A portfolio of games or gamification work done with you as a primary designer/contributor

  • 2+ years as a game producer/project manager/game designer in the digital space

  • Ability to take ownership of all aspects of a project

  • An understanding of user experience and behavior design

  • Experience in client-facing roles

  • Motivation to move projects forward with minimum supervision
  • Ability to understand and communicate high-level technical items to clients and developers alike

  • Ability to collaborate and create influence across a range of groups/stakeholders

  • Knowledge of the instructional approaches, tools, systems, and processes required for designing and developing effective gamified learning interventions

  • Knowledge of the best practices related to the development of gamified learning interventions

  • Knowledge of successful gamified learning implementations around the world

  • Knowledge of today’s trends, research initiatives and experiments happening in the field of gamified learning

  • Knowledge of the strategies for adopting gamification in learning

  • Knowledge of the future direction (forecasts) of gamified learning

  • Experience working on agile teams

  • Mastery of project management tools  

  • Knowledgeable about user testing practices

  • Experience with mobile games

How To Apply:

If you're interested in the position, please submit your CV and application via contact@qenetech.com

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Qene Technologies
Addis Ababa, AA, Ethiopia

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